Writing for The Mary Sue (2015)

Looking At Female Characters in Anime and Manga Through a Western Feminist Lens

The portrayal of female characters in anime and manga is a complex discussion, not only because of the various tropes that exist but also because of the cultural perspectives through which they must be filtered and digested... While the subject of female characters in anime and manga is not as frequently written about as other popular entertainment such as LOTR or Game of Thrones here at The Mary Sue or even in North America overall, it nonetheless has become a topic of discussion not only by the Japanese consumers but also by those who, like myself, have only a limited but enthusiastic experience of watching anime and reading manga and would want further discussion of the subject.


Meet Silk, Marvel’s Newest Female Asian-American Superhero     

Silk touches upon concepts of gender, ethnicity, and psychology... After all, she’s still human.


Unreal Engine 4 is Now Free for Everyone, Breaking Economic and Gender Barriers One Game At a Time

Why is this important? Well, it allows anyone to make games. Anyone. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, how old you are, what gender you might be, or what ethnic background you are from. Independent developers no longer need to be part of a company in order to get the resources they need for their creative projects.


Skyrim Community Comes Together on a Mod to Honor a Player Who Passed Away

The Skyrim community is famous for their skillful, useful, unique, and downright insane mods. At the same time, there are plenty of devoted fans who know that it isn’t all fun and games. The Skyrim community has recently built a mod that introduces an in-game shrine to honor a deceased player.


Super Sensory Immersion Virtual Reality Game Helps Soothe Anxiety Attacks

Virtual reality has become huge ever since the Oculus Rift hit the scene. Movies, scenery, games—there’s a whole other universe inside the headset. It’s no surprise, then, that people have begun making virtual reality games to deal with physical and mental illness. Deep does just that.


Women Making Big Explosions: Gender Inequality in Visual Effects

Unfortunately, the lack of gender parity seen in both film and tech fields overall is also evident in VFX (VFX: visual effects. Green screen, animation, drawing tigers into the middle of the ocean, stuff like that), where the struggles of many women go unnoticed. Companies like Google and Facebook are making a lot of (good) noise about this gender inequality. They’re trying to even it out. So why are VFX women so easily overlooked? Simple. Nobody thinks about it.


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